Siaurlin Dilarang

Forest land cannot be bought privately under Indonesian law, but remains basically state property. Nevertheless, for a fee the state assigns concessions for long-term use. These concessions are strictly defined by type, usage, duration and the administrative authority in charge and they are allocated according to a prescribed procedure. In this respect, in principle, the rule of law prevails (regardless of whether the regulations as such are useful and good), even if corrupt state officials often grant usage rights illegally.
The State regularly violates traditional and informal (not formally documented and binding)rights of the local people when granting concessions. These rights are neither found in law nor in the regulated practice of awarding concessions. It is up to the companies acquiring the concessions, how they deal with land use conflicts locally.
These dealings range from bribing local representatives to various levels of violent expulsion. Large companies often buy the services of police or military units in order to drive natives out, to destroy their villages or to kill them.
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